All the stuff you don't need to know about digital lomo cameras, also known as digilomo and toy digi cameras or in Japan as Toideji and Toidegi. Where to buy a digital lomo camera, which one is best, cheap, expensive, how much to they cost, sample images, can they replace film lomography and holgagraphy cameras..

What is Digital Lomo?

Digital Lomography or Digital Lomo refers to the outputs from digital cameras that produce the same effect as lomo film cameras such as the Holga, Lomo LC-A and Diana, etc. Lomography, lomo or lomographs are photos that are taken on a whim – ignoring all the recommended techniques normally associated with photography. Lomography will fit in around your life and not control it, lomography can be desribed as the opposite of professional photography.

Lomography is now universally popular as a quick and easy means to capture a slice of daily life and quickly share it. Enter the digital lomo camera. Those who are familiar with lomography will know that this hobby can be expensive, analogue lomo cameras use film and on top of this is the cost of photo developing. Not to mention the time spent developing, scanning and uploading photos online. Digital lomo cameras give the user a quicker, easier and more economical way to have fun snapping away without the film. All you need is a digital lomo camera and you are ready to shoot anytime or place.

Pundits of film lomography may not agree with the use and popularity of digital lomo cameras as the effects can be easily enhanced using photo editing software. We fully agree with this and offer here in response a purer way to produce digital lomo photos – direct from the camera. Digital lomo should be fun, informal, economical and give you an “alternate” view from the lens.

Digital Lomo - Dont Think - Just Shoot