All the stuff you don't need to know about digital lomo cameras, also known as digilomo and toy digi cameras or in Japan as Toideji and Toidegi. Where to buy a digital lomo camera, which one is best, cheap, expensive, how much to they cost, sample images, can they replace film lomography and holgagraphy cameras..

Mini Digi GH-TCAM30C

Digital Toy Camera from Green House: The Mini Digi GH-TCAM30C Series
This is basically the same camera as the funky and colourful Mini Digi P

Retro look and feel
300 000 pixel digital camera toy classic with leather strap

Available in 3 different colours

Power × 1 AAA battery
Power consumption 0.31W
Physical Dimensions W59 × D34 × H45 (mm)
Weight 25g (body only)
Operating temperature range 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃