All the stuff you don't need to know about digital lomo cameras, also known as digilomo and toy digi cameras or in Japan as Toideji and Toidegi. Where to buy a digital lomo camera, which one is best, cheap, expensive, how much to they cost, sample images, can they replace film lomography and holgagraphy cameras..

Yashica EZ Digital F521

Yashica EZ F521 is a retro styled digital camera that produces lomography style pictures straight out of the camera. At least in terms of spec some see this as a "Digital Holga". The Yashica EZ-F521 has a 5mp 1/2.5" CMOS sensor (interpolated to 12mp), fixed lens at 43mm equivalent, a 2.4-inch LCD, optical viewfinder, SD/SDHC support, and takes AAA (triple-A) batteries. Fitted with a glass layered plastic lens, just like the Holga

Hard to believe but this digital lomography photo was taken with the camera pointed towards the midday sun using the in-camera low contrast setting. No photoshop or any other post editing software have been used. What you see came straight from the camera itself. A number of in-camera settings and filters are included on the Yashica EZ F521 to produce the effects you require. The Yashica has six digital colour settings that can be applied during shooting; Normal, Sepia, B/W, Negative, Red, Green and Blue. There are also a selection post filters that can be applied after the photo has been taken including contrast, cool, warm, evening and binarize. You can apply these an infinite number of times to the same image, and it's all done in-camera.

No longer available as the Yashica EZF521, this camera is now branded as Takashi FX521.