All the stuff you don't need to know about digital lomo cameras, also known as digilomo and toy digi cameras or in Japan as Toideji and Toidegi. Where to buy a digital lomo camera, which one is best, cheap, expensive, how much to they cost, sample images, can they replace film lomography and holgagraphy cameras..

BONZART Lit Digital Camera

The Pretty Little Digital Camera 

The Bonzart Lit color TFT LCD 1.44 inches rainy day on the back. Lightly press the power button, power on still image shooting mode. Through the lens, the subject can be checked in real time. Movie shooting mode by pressing the power button again,  to switch to playback mode, press again. 300 000 pixel CMOS, minimum focusing distance of 50cm. Image sizes 3M (2048 × 1536), 1M (1280 × 1024), VGA (640 × 480), 640 × 480,320 × 240 video mode.  4x zoom which can also be used in both video and stills.

The Bonzart Lit comes in 3 different colours: Red, Black or White

Image quality (standard Super Fine / Fine) 
Metering mode (multi / spot center) 
White balance settings (incandescent / fluorescent light / cloudy / sunny Auto)
Shooting modes(Continuous / 10 sec off / S timer / S 2-second timer) 
Exposure compensation (6 in the direction of change in steps from 0.0 to +2.0 and -2.0)  
Colour effects (Red / Sepia / Negative / B & W / Normal / Green / Blue)
Power USB Charge Li-on battery
Dimensions 66 × 43 × 20mm
Weight 33g

Currently only available in Japan but that will soon change!