All the stuff you don't need to know about digital lomo cameras, also known as digilomo and toy digi cameras or in Japan as Toideji and Toidegi. Where to buy a digital lomo camera, which one is best, cheap, expensive, how much to they cost, sample images, can they replace film lomography and holgagraphy cameras..

Pokedigi SQ30m Digital Camera

World's smallest key-chain "Digital Lomo Camera" (53mm × 23mm × 19mm)
4 image color choices (normal, monochrome, noise, vivid)
Square shaped and sized photo (1200 × 1280 pix)
Movie like a nostalgic 8 mm film
Embedded lithium-ion battery chargeable by USB connection
Switchable lens in two steps (infinity / macro)

Shooting without viewfinder
SQ30m doesn't have a viewfinder or liquid crystal display when taking pictures. Please focus on the line at the upper part of the camera to take a photo.

Slow shutter speed
It takes a few seconds to save the photo after pressing the shutter button, and it is not possible to take pictures continuously. Please wait with patience, and take your time.

●Imaging device 1/2.7 type 1.95 million pixel CMOS censor
Effective Pixel amount : 1.92 million pixels
Total Pixel amount : 1.95 million pixels
●Embedded memory: 64MB memory SDRAM memory ※1
●External memory media type micro SD memory card (offered separately, available up to 2GB) ※2
●Conservation form Still image - JPEG Exif 2.1 compliance / Movie - AVI
●Graphic mode (Still image) 1280 × 1200 pixel
●Movie size 320 × 240 pixel
Number of film frames: 8 frames per second, codec method: Motion JPEG
●Display Digital display
●Lens fixed focus lens / one layered glass + two layered plastic
F3.1 f = 6.5mm (35mm camera reduction 39.5mm)
●Shooting distance micro 15~50cm / normal : 1m~∞
●Shutter speed electronic formula 1/6~1/50 per second
●Exposure compensation automatic
●ISO sensitivity automatic
●Electric power saving automatic power-off function in approximately 30 seconds
●Output terminal USB1.1
●Electric source lithium-ion battery chargeable by USB connection
Battery life: 250 photos (still image)
●Battery life ※3 250 photos (still image)
●Environment (usage temperature) 0℃~40℃(without moisture)
●External dimensions (W) 53 × (H) 23 × (D) 19mm (without protrusions)
●Weight approximately 21g

Sample photos taken by Sq30m Pokedigi camera

Sample videos taken on the Exemode Pokedigi SQ30m

SQ30m video monochrome

SQ30m video noise

SQ30m video vivid